The Gospel of Z

In the ten years since zombies killed the world, Jory Gray has found exactly one person who matters. Her name is Linse. But when he wakes to find her gone, to join the church, his world falls apart all over again. Jory’s suicide mission to save her will lead him deep into the restricted zone, into the bowels of the military, the underbelly of the church, and, worse, it will give him a glimpse into a past that’s supposed to be ten years dead, a past still contained in a document that never should have existed: The Gospel of Z

sample in Nightmare Magazine; read the story of writing it

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And here’s my take on zombies in five minutes (see here for the mess-up in there):

Samhain advertises in cool places (Diabolique (a lot of etc, not pictured)). Also, WITH LINNEA QUIGLEY:

[ thanks to Jesse Lawrence for the snap ]
[ thanks to Jesse Lawrence for the snap ]
and here I thought I was writing fiction
and here I thought I was writing fiction

And, hey, Samhain isn’t the only publisher able to design a cool kind of cover:


Author: SGJ