Not for Nothing

NFN ARC coverThe detective novel resulting when Barfly‘s Henry Chinaski stumbles into Larry McMurtry’s small-town Texas and an Elmore Leonard plot. The Town is Stanton, Texas, population 3,000. Your name is Nicholas Bruiseman, and you’re a disgraced homicide detective so down on your luck you’ve been forced to take a job as the live-in security guard for the town’s lone storage facility. At last, you can finally get on with the business of drinking yourself to a better state of mind, except the ghosts of childhood keep rising all around you. You might have been done with Stanton once upon a time, but Stanton’s hardly done with you. This is your new life—starting over with nothing in the town you grew up in, and trying to survive a case where there’s one dead body and an old high school yearbook full of suspects. Let the class reunion begin, and if you can get paid this time, even better. After all, you’re not doing this for nothing…

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Hey, oops: it’s turned out that chapter 9 has been missing from this one all along! But, no worries. It’s now in the current edition . . . which doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the one you have. Apologies. If you have one of the older ones, and you’re at chapter 8, looking out into some empty space, then:


Which is to say: Dzanc’s posted it on their site, here (

Author: SGJ