Halloween Kills


I only wish I had time and headspace right now to write on this one like I wrote on the last one. But, alas & alack, to even get this one into my head, I had to wake up early enough at Telluride Horror Show to stream it before hitting all the films at the fest. No worries, though—or, only some worries: I did at least play it through my hotel room’s tv, didn’t just have it on my little laptop screen. And now I have, I think, six things due, one …

Soon, almost-here events

Too jammed/running to do this right, so, here’s some version of stuff, starting tomorrow morning, I believe, and, somewhat in order, maybe all the way in order, can’t double-check right now:


Talking with Cara Gee

full 25 min over at fb (soon to be on YouTube)

Not sure why this only loads as audio here, not video. But, for the clip in video? Here: