Just, cleaning up my laptop and found this/below stashed in a tmp directory. It’s echo-ey, sounds like I’m on a stage, maybe? File’s called “GT,” if that means anything. Anyway, what it looks to be: somebody asking me questions about being Blackfeet, writing horror. Or . . . it’s the Q&A from the audience, after a panel, maybe? It’s dated 4 August 2017, which means it’s not later than that, anyway. But it’s anytime before it, too. And, one of the voices in there, it’s Billy Stratton. Sounds like he’s running things. So, this could be a Western Literature Association thing I did, maybe at Big Sky, MT (except I know that happened in 2016 . . .). Oh, wait, wait, I know, “GT,” “2017”—this is a thing I did for the one time Georgetown Writers’ Retreat happened! Got it:

Author: SGJ