The Horror (Study)

Which is to say: where I write. Well, where I write when I’m writing in my study. Where I write when I’m writing in my office (on campus) is here.

But, this is home. The door of it, anyway:

And this is me standing in the middle of it all, trying to go as fast/slow as the arrow on my phone tells me. And, yes, there’s four five (just saw another) Waylon things in this pano:

And, yeah, I clipped off half of the comic book shelf. Oh well. Here’s some of what you couldn’t see—some of my favorites:

But I love falling-apart paperbacks just as much if not more than I love the special-special editions (and yes, I’ve just now uprighted that Gravity’s Rainbow—it’s on a tall shelf, I hadn’t looked at it in a long time):


Author: SGJ