Hey, this is especially crazy for a dude who never even had two-year college on the horizon, much less a PhD:

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Too, was looking for the announcement from two or three years ago when I became the Ivena Baldwin Chair of English (though I chair nothing—this is an endowed chair thing), but can’t find it. Did stumble on this pic, though, which says it in the caption, anyway:

BOULDER, CO – OCTOBER 10, 2018: University of Colorado Ivena Baldwin Professor of English

This paste-in isn’t going to be as bulletpoint-neat as before, with quotation marks and titles. But that’s just because I skipped a month of posting these, so they kind of built up, became a job. Anyway, for some reason some embeds create blank space right after them, which is kind of unkillable. Sorry for the weirdlookingness, and the occasional bulletpoint for what would seem to be no reason, but really that’s the only way to keep the link from trying, and …

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