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The Clown Brigade

What do spin classes and romance have in common? Could it be . . . clowns?

Meet Kyle. He’s headed to another city for to meet a girl, except he seems to be haunted by people in face paint, wearing red wigs.

How can love find a fingerhold when you’re being menaced by clowns? This is in ebook, in your browser, and also audio — pick your poison. Find it here:


SGJ interview on the story | interview …

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The Babysitter Lives

It’s the night before her SATs, but Charlotte can fit in one more babysitting gig, she thinks.

Just a normal house in the suburbs. Couple of cute-as-a-button kids. Feed them, get them to bed by nine, and then study for the big test.

If only.

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The Backbone of the World

An American Indian woman’s past and future collide in unthinkable ways in this richly imagined short story of deep secrets and Lovecraftian horrors by a New York Times bestselling author.

Millie Two Bears lives alone in a trailer in the heart of the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. Since her husband went to jail, she’s been on the outs with the reservation. And it’s not just people she has to contend with. Now the prairie dogs are moving in on her patch of land. When a str…

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Memorial Ride Sampler

Check it: cool little flip book PDF for Memorial Ride (also here). Coming at you live from UNM in the land of October:

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Wait for Night

Where this story happens is a place along the creek I pedal past about every day. For a long while last summer there was a crew doing stuff there, so they kind of became part of . . . I don’t know: they became possible, if that makes sense. I started wondering what they might be digging up. And who they were. And then I remembered a big field of blown-down trees I got lost in on the reservation one November, and how all these upturned root pans were enough for me, they were all I neede…

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Attack of the 50 Foot Indian

“Every government of every nation debates what to do when a fifty-foot tall man, dressed in a loincloth and dripping from the sea, appears off the Siberian coast. As the American people puzzle over how he came to be and what to do next, the news outlets start calling the titan “Two Moons,” social media abducts him into the memesphere, and the military, well, they have their own action-plan for dealing with threats to what they mistakenly consider their homeland.

With una…

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Night of the Mannequins

From Stephen Graham Jones returns with Night of the Mannequins, a contemporary horror story where a teen prank goes very wrong and all hell breaks loose: is there a supernatural cause, a psychopath on the loose, or both?

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Bram Stoker Award wrap-up!

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My Heart is a Chainsaw

You won’t find a more hardcore eighties slasher fan than high school senior Jade Daniels. And you won’t find a place less supportive of girls who wear torn t-shirts and too much eyeliner than Proofrock, nestled eight thousand feet up the mountain in Idaho, situated in Pleasant Valley right alongside Indian Lake, home to both Camp Blood — site of a massacre fifty years ago — and Terra Nova, a modern-day American Camelot currently under construction, which is quic…

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Marvel Voices

So cool to slip down to the local comic book store, and find something I’ve written on the shelf. First of many more, I hope. Honored to be included.


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Sample, sort of:

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