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Simon & Schuster Home Page Takeover!

Or, “How to Know You’re With a Cool Publisher”:, where the words sort of jiggle and shimmer
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Teenage Slasher tomorrow!

until then:

These two/below won’t embed, so: screen caps that are links? That workable?

There may be more coming from these two, too. Will sneak them into here when/if they show up.

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NPR Weekend Edition with Ayesha Rascoe

Talking I Was a Teenage Slasher:

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Teenage Slasher links

That I WOULD save to post Monday, the day before release, but . . . I’m in the air most of that day, might forget. So, here’s some:

( these two LOOK the same, but are slightly different: )

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Didn’t even realize this was today. Cool:

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Couple-three recent interviews

(think I’m at 1:06 in there? that’s hours and minutes, not minutes and seconds)…

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