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Who’d Have Ever Thought

something this cool could happen because of books:

And, yes, thank you, Greg Greene, at

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Frank Waln!

Man. Wow. I got asked who was my dream musician to do this event with . . . and? Dreams, they come true sometimes. “AbOriginal” was/is the lead song on the playlist I wrote Chainsaw and Reaper too. Feels just super fitting that Waln’s in NYC with me for this:

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Perfect caption

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True Believers score!

Like, I mean: a score-score, not a “score” score.

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Lagging behind . . .

should have been putting up all the Angel reviews, tour photos, but . . . can’t seem to keep up, these last couple weeks. hopefully soon, soon. for reviews, anyway. kind of doubt I’ll get around to scrounging all the tour-shots into a single poster. so it goes.

in GOOD news, though, I got the site-header working, finally (now just to update that pic to include Angel and Teen Slasher and, maybe [if it’s not there], Ice Age). yet to mess with Events in the sidebar.…

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These Are the Days of Our Lives

well, mine, anyway: all my books as of April 6th, 2024:

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