This was (my) 2011

Favorite movie → Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Favorite novel → The Enterprise of Death or 11/22/63

Favorite collection → We Live Inside You

Favorite non-fiction → Shock Value or Teenage Wasteland or Blind Descent

Favorite current tv → Breaking Bad and Phineas & Ferb

Favorite catch-up tv → Deadwood

tv I miss the most → Alias

Best re-watched tv → Dead Set

Favorite comic book series → Locke & Key and Scalped

Graphic novel I’d never read before, now lovewantneed → Pixy

Comic character I miss the most → Nailbunny

Favorite short film → Mockingbird

Favorite foriegn movie → I Saw the Devil or Memories of Matsuko

Movie I rewatched the most → Outlander or Bandslam

New music to me → Scott Biram

Bands I listened to the most → Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and Steely Dan

Singer I listened to the most (again/always) → Bob Seger

Song I listened to the most → Your Latest Trick.” maybe Trudy

Best re-read book → Relic, always

Best trip → Todos Santos

Best ankle surgery → neither

Broken nose → check

Concussions → check, check

Head CT → yep

Various x-rays → it’s getting ridiculous

Favorite water bottles, now → Contigo

Miles ridden on road bike → pretty much none

Miles ridden on buses → without count

Best decision → no more smartphone

Worst decision → this shirt I bought today at Shepler’s (really I love it)

No, actually → doing a Tattered Cover reading from my Kindle

Most life-changing talk I went to → on a. sediba

New/old truck → it’s yellow

Book I’m reading now → A Boy’s Life

Book I’m loving now → A Boy’s Life

Rejections → aplenty

Novels written in 2011 → Once Upon a Time In Texas and The Last Final Girl

Next book from me → Zombie Bake-Off (feb)

Then → Growing up Dead in Texas (may & june)

After that → the stars

Author: SGJ