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11:00 – 11:45 AM / SIGNING: Stephen Graham Jones, ONLY GOOD INDIANS, S&S Booth 2128

2:45 – 3:45 PM / PANEL: Putting It All Out There: SFF and Mental Health, Room 1A18

4:00 – 5:00 PM / SIGNING: Post-panel, Hall 1…

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Entertainment Weekly

Pretty cool to debut a cover & excerpt at EW:
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The Only Good Indians

Ten years ago outside Browning, Montana, four Blackfeet shot some elk, and then went on with their lives. It happens every year, it’s been happening forever, it’s the way it’s always been. But this time it’s different.

Ten years after that fateful hunt, these men are being stalked, are being hunted themselves. By who? By . . . what? And why?

Some hunting expeditions, they’re never really over.

This one’s just beginning.


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Couple Saga Books

Can finally-finally say it without promising whoever I’m telling it to to secrecy, or to somehow post-date this info: sold two horror novels to Joe Monti at Saga! This is the outfit that did Rebecca Roanhorse’s Trail of Lightning. This is the imprint of Simon & Schuster that just moved to the Gallery Publishing Group, which used to be Pocket. This is the editor that, over the past month or so, pushed me to make what WAS Elk Head Woman, a slasher, into the new and im…

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