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Chapter Six


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It’s a story of how anthropologists might handle the apocalypse, how academics deal with zombies. Pretty short, and a pretty cool cover.

Thanks to Ellen Datlow both for selecting it and then for editing it into a better form of itself.

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After the People Lights Have Gone Off


  • Introduction: Joe R. Lansdale
  • Thirteen (out loud)
  • Brush dogs (out loud)
  • Welcome to the Reptile House
  • This is Love
  • The Spindly Man
  • The Black Sleeve of Destiny
  • The Spider Box
  • Snow Monsters
  • Doc’s Story
  • The Dead Are Not
  • Xebico
  • Second Chances
  • After the People Lights Have Gone Off
  • Uncle
  • Solve for X

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States of Grace

cover_frontExactly fifty stories, none longer than a thousand words, a couple just a sentence or two.

Here‘s where I was getting them all in order.

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If we had to choose one writer to rebuild American literature after the apocalypse, the smart money would be on Stephen Graham Jones, who is in the process of reinventing literally every genre from the ground up. In States of Grace he offers up lean, deftly c

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The Elvis Room

elvis-room-coverWhat if you weren’t looking for evidence of the supernatural, but found it all the same? A true research scientist can either hide that evidence or tell the world. Either way it’s going to haunt you. Either way your life is never going to be same.

Find out what’s always on the other side of the door.

It’s the Elvis Room.

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Sterling City

SterlingCity_3e_fix2e3glowFa novella

A moon explodes and a marriage dies. An impossible creature rises from the tall grass, watches a farmer’s circle system crawl across the field like a giant insect. That farmer watches back. His wife’s footprints are there in the dirt. The fire in the sky leaves his shadow crisp and deep.

This is Texas without the cowboy hat. This is Texas with a soft rain of cosmic debris sifting down over it. This is a dark, dangerous thing hiding in the cellar, but th…

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Three Miles Past

A collection of three powerfully disturbing novellas by multiple award-winning author, Stephen Graham Jones.
There are lines that probably shouldn’t be crossed, doors that should stay shut, thoughts that shouldn’t be considered. In these three novellas by Stephen Graham Jones, the dead talk, ancient evil opens its eyes, and that guy across the parking lot, he’s watching you, and has been for a while now.

Lock the door, tell yourself it’s nothi…

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Not for Nothing

NFN ARC coverThe detective novel resulting when Barfly‘s Henry Chinaski stumbles into Larry McMurtry’s small-town Texas and an Elmore Leonard plot. The Town is Stanton, Texas, population 3,000. Your name is Nicholas Bruiseman, and you’re a disgraced homicide detective so down on your luck you’ve been forced to take a job as the live-in security guard for the town’s lone storage facility. At last, you can finally get on with the business of drinking yourself to a better sta…

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Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly

FloatingBoy5written with Paul Tremblay

“And now the boy’s lost in the brightness somehow. The whole tree shakes. He’s up in the thickest part of the tree.

I step back, looking up, and I keep going until I back into the kiddie pool, which takes me out behind my knees. My soccer calves are no help and I splash down butt-first into the water. No one is watching me, so no one laughs or asks if I’m okay. I’m not okay.

There, he’s at the top. Definitely. Am I the only one who can—?

The light branches be…

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Flushboy-cover 01aOver the course of one shift working the window of his father’s drive-through urinal, our sixteen-year-old Flushboy will have to not only juggle gallons of warm pee and deal with the worst flood ever (it’s not water), but he’ll also have to fend off the urine mafia, solve the citywide mystery of Chickenstein, and win his girlfriend back.

Flushboy is hilarious and sad and insanely good. And it’s a love story too. Only Stephen Graham Jones could have written this, so read i

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The Least of My Scars

You haven’t heard of William Colton Hughes. Or, if you have, then you’re not telling anybody. Not telling them anything, ever. The best serial killer? He’s not the one on the news, in the textbooks. He’s the one out there still punching his card, and a few other people’s too. This is William Colton Hughes, a nightmare not only come to life, but waiting in his apartment for you to knock on his door. And you will, it’s only a matter of when.scars cover

But …

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