The Missing Image

From Ledfeather. Was digging through an old box today and came across it, but now can’t find it on my hard-drive. Anyway, it’s the one I talk about in the author’s note at the end — the one that pretty much started the whole novel. It was supposed to get included in the book, too, an endpaper, on the back cover, something, but somehow isn’t. So, in lieu, here it is now (lo-res, last-minute scan, sorry).…

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Demon Theory afterward Afterword

If only I could. But this would definitely be in there, right along with the TOTALL RECALL/2001 saga:

“The ‘Road to Perdition’ novelization was a nightmare, frankly,” Collins says. “I went after it for obvious reasons — I didn’t want a ‘Perdition’ novel written by someone else out there. I proceeded to write the best novelization of my career, staying faithful to David Self’s script — which was alre

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Neal Stephenson

As scanned injudiciously from the current Wired! :

from wired

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Around the Net in 8o Seconds

Though, to be honest, I don’t even think there’s links yet for just all of this:

  • Right before Valentine’s Day 2009, I’m in Chicago for the AWP Conference. The panel I’m on: “Digi-Analog: Bringing Together Print, Online, and Alternative Delivery Methods for Literary Journals, led by JW Wang. You may know him from Juked.” Don’t which day that panel is yet.
  • I think I said this earlier, but can do it better now: March 18-21, 20
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There Comes a Point

I’m usually all in support of an artist making money doing whatever. Sure, I respect Springsteen and the U2 guys for not hawking anybody else’s wares, but I hardly begrudge Dylan pushing lingerie or BB King selling Whoppers1. And it’s not the ‘wares,’ the inherent goodness of lingerie or Whoppers, that makes what they’re doing any less of a sell-out. It’s that the commodity that’s ‘them,’ I figure they can …

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Demon Theory Review

Over at Internet Review of Science Fiction. A close read by JG Stinson. Very cool. So glad that book’s still reaching people.

Too, The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti‘s not only slipping through Amazon early. It’s over at Small Press Distribution as well.

And, and: Joe Lansdale‘s got a new one, Leather Maiden. He’s a can’t miss kind of writer.

Too, The Bat Segundo Show may not be going away after all. It’s one of the main places I go for p…

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Where the Camopede Roam

tloNGThough The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti‘s not officially released until early September, it looks to be slipping through Amazon already. And that seems to me to be a good time to explain it a bit. Or, not explain it, but explain around it. And not like this, but with this running journal-thing (my first ever) I kept for the seventy-two hours it took me to write it. That Three-Day Novel Contest, yep. Which, if I could find a way to make a living doing one of those every weekend, th…

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The Postman Rings Twice

What’s showing up on my porch any day: author copies for Ledfeather and The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti. Each now up at Amazon, if not quite orderable yet. As for official release dates, I think Ledfeather‘s going to be first, though Nolan Dugatti‘ll be available right around Ledfeather‘s official day (early/mid-August). Very excited about each of these, too. Haven’t had a two-novel season since 2003, All the Beautiful Sinners and The Bir

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As I Lay Mostly Dying

A new essaything I have up over at the Cult. Click here to get there.

So far, too, this is getting the award (derision?) for shortest post ever.

Anyway, lost in the surf of Duma Key right now, and looking forward to snagging The Plague of Doves afterwards. Writing this novel too all the while, which I just keep expecting to self-destruct. But somehow it just keeps unfolding. And I guess that’s good, but, too, I’m about the last person in this situation who’d kno…

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Hell on the Homefront Too

A TG Sheppard line*, yeah. That and Elvis’s “Kentucky Rain** make up a whole eight or ten month block of my . . . not childhood, but that’s when I listened to them most. ‘Life,’ I guess. Which is pretty much the complete opposite of the story just out here:

CDance 58

An interview and a Demon Theory review in there too. And, yep, it’s been on the shelves for a bit already, but I’m just seeing it anyway.…

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