this ‘breakdancing in a straitjacket’ he’s talking about via Terrance Hayes is a much better way of saying what I’m always trying to say—also with dancing: give me a whole warehouse to do my dance, you’ll get bored, but masking-tape off a little square, make me do my dance in those confin

Man, looks like I’m just embedding tweets here all day—I did just wrap an extensive novel rewrite about five minutes ago—but, here’s another one, a good one, an important one:

Oh, and while I DID once somehow embed the wh…

This originally ran on Spinetingler back in 2012, when Growing Up Dead in Texas was new. Now Spinetingler’s gone gone gone, though, and somebody got hold of me, asked where was this, and . . . I’m not so sure, really. But I did dig this up from an email. It’s some version of what went up at Spinetingler lo those many years ago. From a. URL I found for it, the first part of the title, evidently, was “That Pink Light at the End of the Tunnel,” but then some U…

not sure how to embed the thread, so here’s the top one anyway, which leads to the rest:

Which I’m just now figuring out exist. This first one’s “On Cultural Appropriation,” with Anne Hillerman, Jovan Mays, Saikat Majumdar, and Yassmin Abdel-Mageid,  Laird Hunt moderating:

And this one’s “Ancestral Cultures: Legacy of the First Nations,” with Crisosto Apache, Erika Wurth, and Janice Gould, Margaret Coel modding:

Just became aware of these thanks to Bret Smith posting this clip on Facebook:


Strikes me that the reason a lot of novels start out so slowly is that they don’t take into account the version of the catalog copy on their back cover. That copy nearly always gives away the central conceit or trick or surprise of the novel, but the novel, pretending to itself that it exists as pages only, no marketing involved, plays its central whatever close to the vest for eighty or a hundred pages, taking the reader up an agonizingly slow incline to the first of its twist…

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