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Flushboy-cover 01aOver the course of one shift working the window of his father’s drive-through urinal, our sixteen-year-old Flushboy will have to not only juggle gallons of warm pee and deal with the worst flood ever (it’s not water), but he’ll also have to fend off the urine mafia, solve the citywide mystery of Chickenstein, and win his girlfriend back.

Flushboy is hilarious and sad and insanely good. And it’s a love story too. Only Stephen Graham Jones could have written this, so read it, and make sure you spring the extra dough for the lap protector. Paul Tremblay

Stephen Graham Jones takes that old question, “What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?” and makes it worse yet. By turns hiliarious and heartbreaking, you’ll never piss again without thinking of this book It’s brilliant. Monica Drake

Flushboy is to coming-of-age novels as toilet paper is to wiping: both are essential. Stephen Graham Jones proves in efficient, beautiful detail that no matter what the setting, a boy accepting his parents’ humanity can be earth-shattering. If that doesn’t entice you, then I offer one word: Chickenstein — Lindsay Hunter

Only a writer of Stephen Graham Jones’ serious talent could take a scenario that could be a George Saunder outtake — teenage boy works at his urine-obsessed father’s drive-through bathroom facility — and turn it into this touching, funny, uplifting coming of age story — Dave Housley

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first sighting in the wild (reading at Loyola, in Baltimore, 9.11.13). this is 1 of 20 or so, too. kind of pre-run, between ARC and final. note there’s no leaves

Boulder Bookstore
Boulder Bookstore

Snagged this with my phone the other day, too. Sean and Gus fits right in with Flushboy:

And, what would a page like this be without a few of these, right?

I had no idea Flushboy's was halfway a real thing
I had no idea Flushboy’s job was halfway a real thing
this would be a weird place to stand
this would be a weird place to stand
this too would be a weird place to stand
this too would be a weird place to stand
and maybe this would be a great place to stand?
and maybe this would be a great place to stand?

 And, look: we’re one step closer to drive-through urinals:

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Flushboy: a much older idea than I suspected
Flushboy: a much older idea than I suspected


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