100 Story Collections @Bookriot

Honored to be included. And, especially cool to get to hang with people and books I know. I’ve been on panels with so many of these fine folk—that makes it sound like I’m talking about elves—and . . . I did my doctoral work with one, I guess. Rode elevators and had meals with others. Fictionland, man: it’s not as big as I always think.

And, as for that question at the end of books I might have included (apologies if they’re there and I somehow scrolled past them), which I just had to amend when I remembered this was supposed to be post-2000 (which is to say, had to lose Mark Richard and Lee K Abbot and Terry Bisson):

  • Donald Ray Pollock’s Knockemstiff
  • Helen Marshall’s Hair Side, Flesh Side
  • Laird Barron’s Imago
  • Karen Runge’s Seven Sins

Which skews kind of horror, I suppose. Kind of like me.

Anyway, the hundred, which features After the People Lights Have Gone Off:


Author: SGJ