1001 Sleepless Nights

on Goodreads? Anyway, I remember years back, when I first stumbled onto Goodreads, I looked up some of the books I knew, had read recently, was reading, just to see how the wind was blowing. Turns out: every which direction. Buffets, lulls— crazy tornadoes that wind up whole crowds of people and also doldrums so deep and lonesome that the sailors caught in them are praying for even word of a breeze, lest they start falling apart from lack of citrus.

I don’t remember what-all books I searched — probably some of my own — but one book I specifically remember looking up was Blake Crouch’s Pines, as I was then-reading that trilogy. And I remember just leaving that page open and sitting slack-jawed, as 900+ readers had taken time out of their day to pen reviews for it. Completely floored me. I couldn’t even imagine that for any of my books. And, no, haven’t looked that book up recently (thousands and thousands, I’m sure), but, who’d have ever guessed one of mine, just three weeks after finding the shelf, would be passing a milestone with four digits:

meant to nab it at “1000,” but was dialed into a Craig Clevenger/Sara Gran panel, missed that round number

Thanks, all. Means a lot. And, just went to grab the link, to make that image hot, and I was lucky to be enough to nab that screengrab at “1001”: it’s already clicking up . . .

Author: SGJ