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Teacher Needs to See Me After School: Detention

I’ve usually got my tongue di-rectly on the pulse of anything slasher, but somehow — two months of book tour? — Detention slipped past. In April, yes, when Growing Up Dead in Texas was just advance copies. And just a couple of days ago I was having a big talk with a good friend about slashers that are probing the edges of the genre, feeling out the limits, poking the necessary fun: Cabin Fever, Leslie Vernon, Tucker & Dale, Scream, Severance. The Killage. T…

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All the Pretty Slasher Stuff

This all the slasher stuff that USED to take up the middle of The Last Final Girl‘s page. Still some links &etc over there, too, but it’s all LFG specific now, to keep that page from getting too thick.

What that means for ME, though, is now I can just go even more hog wild with the slasher stuff HERE. I expect this page to get longer and longer—a go-to to me any time I, you know, maybe have some time, need some clicks.

And? Y’all let me know if any of these are now dea…

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The Final Girls

finalgirlsposterIt’s a good time to be a slasher. Nearly twenty years ago, Scream revitalized the genre, kicked off a series of clones and also-rans—some of them quite excellent—that finally landed us at Leslie Vernon, at Tucker and Dale, at Cabin in the Woods, at You’re Next and It Follows, even accomplishing the unheard-of feat of crossing over into television land: Harper’s Island was the first, but now we’ve got Scream and Scream Queens.

Everybody who says the …

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Movies, 2012

Man, sat down to make this list on the last day of 2012, but stumbled into the opening line of a novel instead, and have been there ever since. 160, 170 pages in right now, and staring down that last chapter. Which, as always, is terrifying. So, to stall, here’s my list, taking into account the specific kind of loser I am—that is, one who somehow missed Final Destination 5, just because I got burned by Final Destination 4. But I should have just remembered how much I loved the fi…

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