A Cake Made of Rats

This has to be the oldest news around, but’s new to me anyway: watching “The Women of Candy Snatchers” featurette on the Candy Snatchers DVD, and Tiffany Bowling kind of asides that she was in that old series “The New People,” which she says is Lost, now. So, checked IMDb, and yep:

A group of young people crash land on a deserted island that was a never used atomic bomb test site. With the world thinking that they were all killed, “The New People” set out to form a civilization free from the problems and mistakes that their parents made, a task that soon becomes much more challenging than they had anticipated.

However, as much as Lost is pored over frame by frame, I’m guessing this is like Season 1 news. They’ve probably even referenced it in the show by now, along with everything else. And, talking Lost, finally, last Wednesday, the diamond-heist little sub-story: a good episode. One I liked. Just very afraid — and I know the producers are aware of this, and trying to steer away from it — that the ‘long story’ of Lost is going to work like the ‘long story’ of The X-Files: it’s only for the die-hards. When, with X-Files anyway, it was the genre episodes that really fuelled the series. Same with Lost, I say: more polar bears, please. More stuff a viewer can just tune into and ride for fifty-two minutes, not need three days of backstory to begin to follow (and, talking that backstory-stuff, I promised myself to stop watching Lost when they finally made the mistake I originally took to be just inconceivable: flashing back not to the days or years before the crash, but to events that have already happened on the island itself. Which they did a couple of episodes ago, yeah [I forgive the diamond-heist one, as it’s kind of rashamony]. But I’m still there every Wednesday, I suppose, pretending my fingers were crossed when I made that promise, but crossing my fingers to do that pretending, etc).

rat cakeAnd, talking other stuff, very excited about that The Tripper, which you can’t really log onto MySpace anymore without seeing. Just reminds me it’s happening, though. And then there’s some Slasher fun to be had as well, if only somebody would subtitle it for me. And of course, were Thanksgiving real, and maybe especially because it’s not, it looks to be fun as well (of course Indians have had a pretty good sense that Thanksgiving was a horror show for a good long time now). Before this, I think it and Easter were about the only American holidays not to have gotten the Santa Slays treatment. And maybe Donnie Darko counts as Easter somehow, who knows (there’s also a couple of Thanksgiving trailers on YouTube, but they’re for something different). And, talking trailers, man: The Hills Run Red.

And, talking pages, the new, slick Brutarian’s out, The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English is pretty cool, that Rue Morgue review of Demon Theory was and is cool, and, man, when anybody tells me my book collection’s out of control, I’ll just link them to the intended final product.

Author: SGJ