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Update, Steve. Got to remember, got to remember:

  • City of the Dead is easily the best haunted house I’ve ever been to. I learned both NOT to get lost in the backtunnels visitors aren’t supposed to stumble into, and also to NOT let my wallet chain get caught on the wall when Leatherface is chasing me

  • hit two movie premieres recently: Monkey’s Paw in LA and Winter in the Blood in Austin

  • I was on HuffPost Live, talking “Terrifying Television.” was fun. crazy to think there’s still Werthams out there, trying to bring the horror down:

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  • and, Mixer asked me to give my top five horror novels, stories, and movies. it’s in here, now, alongside Brian Evenson’s list, which I’m anxious to see:

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  • my story “Thirteen” from Paula Guran’s Halloween got a nice mention in AICN


  • my story “Welcome to the Reptile” house is in the charity anthology Blood Type:

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  • my story “Old Meat” got the musical accompaniment treatment by Matthew Treon, at Gutfish Radio:
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  • and, just now I was on KMSU radio, talking slashers. Soon to be archived, I’m sure, at which point this image will become a link:


  • I’ve got an interview spread across Jeff Vandermeer’s too-cool Wonderbook:


  • I was lucky enough to make this excellent book:


  • and, finally, this is what I looked like for class for Halloween:

stephen graham jones, Halloween 2013


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