Another Novella!

Title . . . . Night of the Mannequins. Slasher through and through.

couple slasher paragraphs from me there

For a long time I’ve been wondering what’s left to do in slasherland, what territory hasn’t already been gone over fifty times, and better than I could ever do it. Night of the Mannequins is in what feels like that unexplored space. Couldn’t be more excited, both to get to do a slasher, AND to get to do another novella with Ellen Datlow—wait: AND to get to work with again.

And, was wondering what, if any, image to throw up here, to associate with Night of the Mannequins. First thought was some of those iconic panels from the early 90s X-Men, with the blankfaced Sentinels, but then I stumbled on this, and, it’s pretty much a moving illustration from the novella:


So, summer 2020, just in time for my GoH thing at World Fantasy in Salt Lake City.

( and no, though this anthology looks super cool, Night of the Mannequins isn’t associated with Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh)

Author: SGJ