Back Home in Texas

Or, close to home, anyway: Canyon, WTAMU, courtesy CSAW.

the Q&A before the reading

And I was also lucky enough to get to scoot out to Hereford, talk to the high schoolers there. Was cool. Broke down once in Hereford for a couple days, had three dollars and a bag of Cheetos, so bought a loaf of bread, palmed some ketchup packets, and ate Cheeto and ketchup sandwiches for a few meals in a row. Anyway, Hereford High School:

And, my flights home all got cancelled, as happens (snow in Colorado), but I didn’t mind being in West Texas for a night longer. West Texas in April is about as good as it gets.

Thanks to CSAW, both for bringing me there and for these snapshots, and to Alex Hunt and AJ McCormick for a) having the idea for this to even happen, and then b) making it all happen so well.

Author: SGJ