Bacon Review

I know — best journal title ever, right? My “Neither Heads Nor Tails” is up there now.

Also, thanks to a heads-up from Gordon Highland, I just clicked through all the story links over to the right, here. Turns out a few of them were dead:

  • “The Complete Absence of Cats is Another Definition for Silence,” from Literal Latte (though I think I ran it through BOMB or somewhere as well — some B-place, anyway).
  • the title story from Bleed Into Me, that I wrote one afternoon with a big fever. Anyway, this was just a PDF sneak from UNP, so I should have put it in a timer or something. It was built to go away.
  • “Cops and Robbers,” from Anthony Neil Smith’s issue of Mississippi Review (or, one of his issues — he did a few, right?). I suspect that when they rebuilt, this fell off and away, never to return.
  • My ‘racetrack’ definition from Barry Lopez’s Home Ground book (I think I have twenty-one defs in there, all told).
  • And, that Shadowbox link, with thirteen or so stories, I didn’t even click on it. Every time I ever have, I get permanently lost. Kind of the drawback of designing with flash, I guess. Anyway, one of those stories is the one now at Bacon Review
  • “So Perfect,” the Tammy and Brianne/tick-poison story that’s in The Ones That Got Away? It originally showed up in Grok. But that was then, this is now . . .

Anyway, if anybody knows the obscure locations of these lost children, maybe link me somehow? A comment, email, find me on G+, fb, Twitter, in the hall, whatever. And, no, I haven’t clicked through either the interviews or the of-site stuff. Could be some of those are half-broke as well.

Also, clicking through here reminded me I’ve got probably fifteen stories from the past year that I haven’t submitted. Just because almost everything I’ve published the past two or three years has been solicited. But I need to get back in that mailing-it-out game. Well, I need to remember to buy a print cartridge, and then get to the mailing out.

Author: SGJ