Beautiful line

It’s by Roger Ebert, in his review for Nights in Rodanthe: “Paul doesn’t evacuate because of some dialogue he is made to say.” I don’t see how I could love anything more than that. It’s even better in context, too. And, as for why I was reading about Nights in Rodanthe. No idea. I was feeling around, seeing if Blindness was going to be watchable (pun?), then got all excited about Appaloosa, and suddenly, bam, there I was finding that beautiful and perfect line (only other movie write-up line I’ve ever loved this much, almost, was a non-review somewhere did for The Astronaut’s Wife, where, instead of actually commenting on the movie, they re-presented a condensed/mocked-up form of the script, which exaggerated all the weaknesses etc. It was beautiful and perfect, had Johnny Depp wearing a pink boa, I think, but even the day after I read it (years and years ago) I wasn’t able to find it again).

Too, I am still an inveterate listmaker:

and, a while back — which, linking back to myself feels a lot like Lost finally stooping to show flashbacks from the island, sorry — I was wanting so bad to post an image of my still-hero, Phineas and Ferb’s Dr. Doofenschmirtz. But alas, there weren’t any around to nab. But there are now:

dr d

too, rereading that post, I think I should have also put that “Lonegan’s Luck” story in the list above, as I’d guess it’s right on the edge of being real with New Genre. will post here when/if I know for sure.

another thing that should have gone on the list (I should maybe start a list of things I forgot to put on the list, and that I evidently don’t have the ability to go back and add to the list): almost done with another novel here. This weekend? Who knows. Started it at the front of summer, got terrified of it, used having no home for eight or ten weeks as an excuse to not write it, but finally have got the nerve to finish it. I think.

also, I’ve been (of course) pricing zombie masks lately. and werewolf masks. in addition to the standby pirate and Jason costumes already on the hanger. found a pair of perfect lizard loafers to go with my zombie suit, too, right size and everything, but then they disappeared somehow. but there’ll be more.

and, finally, Lakeview Terrace. I can’t stop thinking about it. May have to watch it again, as I’m pretty sure it conforms to all of the conventions of the slasher. Which would of course explain why I can’t stop thinking about it.

oh, wait, before that: I think I also have a zombie-piece coming up PopMatters. about which I’ll say more later.

too, I’m very excited about Appaloosa. maybe it’ll even be the next Tombstone, somehow.

Author: SGJ