Best of 2018

wow, THIS in Drafts as well. looks like it’s what I meant to by my Best of 2018, but then forgot I’d started it, so did it all over.

Novel: The Outsider

NF: Atlas of a Lost World, Close Encounters with Humankind, The Neanderthals Rediscovered 

Non-Horror Movie: The Rider 

Slasher: The Strangers: Prey at Night, with all good nods to Halloween (link)

Zombie: Overlord

Horror-Comedy: Mayhem, with Mom and Dad right on its heels

Subtitled Horror that’s Really Crime/Action: Cold Hell

Late-Seen Movie: Central Intelligence, just as much fun as The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Best season of TV I’ve ever seen: Daredevil s.3

Best Series of TV: Justified

Limited Series: Haunting of Hill House (link)

SF Movie: Hotel Artemis, with Upgrade right behind

Comic Book: Rock Candy Mountain, Descender

Podcast: Wild Thing

Author: SGJ