Best Reads from Lately

This paste-in isn’t going to be as bulletpoint-neat as before, with quotation marks and titles. But that’s just because I skipped a month of posting these, so they kind of built up, became a job. Anyway, for some reason some embeds create blank space right after them, which is kind of unkillable. Sorry for the weirdlookingness, and the occasional bulletpoint for what would seem to be no reason, but really that’s the only way to keep the link from trying, and failing, to embed, and then breaking everything that follows. But, near as I can tell, all the links open to articles, and that’s the main goal:

Breaking Bad Recap: What to Know Before You Watch El Camino

The ‘Friday the 13th’ Rights War Was Just the Beginning: Many ’80s Film Franchise Rights in Peril – Bloody Disgusting

David Lynch’s chillingly prescient vision of modern America |

The hunt for Shakespeare’s library: ‘I couldn’t stop looking if I wanted to’ | Books | The Guardian

Controversial Study Pinpoints Humanity’s Homeland – The Atlantic

It’s official: Native Americans and Siberians are cousins – Russia Beyond

Author: SGJ