Best Reads from Lately

Once again, I let this get to be an unwieldy enough stack of links/reads that to slow down and make them into a pretty and proper list would keep me from revising the novel I’m revising. So, in all their likely awkwardness, with apologies for some embedding, some being URLS, some shuddering into some completely new and unlikely form, here’s my best reads from . . . lately:

Why ‘Wichita Lineman’ Contains the Greatest Musical Couplet Ever Written | Literary Hub

The ‘American Dirt’ Controversy Illustrates the Media’s Thirst for Immigrant Trauma Porn – VICE

Zach LaVine Has Broken Up With Gravity – The Ringer

Raymond Carver and the Night of the Living Bukowski

‘You’re Still Here?’: A Brief History of the Movie Post-Credits Sequence

American Dirt Is The Latest Shot Fired in the Genre Wars | CrimeReads–last-woolly-mammoths-plagued-by-genetic-defects-12409588

Author: SGJ