Bluesky, nothing but blue skies . . .

Forgot to say: I’ve been mostly here lately, for social media. Verymuch digging the no-gifs, no videos, and, at least less of the Nazi types? I mean, so far, Bluesky isn’t doing that Rupert Murdoch thing of “fear gets eyes,” which, man, makes for a much more pleasant experience. Don’t get me wrong, Bluesky’s still having some issues (not necessarily with architecture/functionality—more with keeping those with bad intent from smearing that around on other people), but, all in all, I’m digging it more. My only somewhat complaint? When I signed up for/on Spoutible a while back, there’s an option there to not show your follower/following numbers. I think that’s wonderful. Keeps the space from getting competitive—keeps people from gauging their worth by the number of followers, and keeps people from, I don’t know, I guess being proud that their followers SO outnumber who they have to deign to follow. But? So far, Spoutible hasn’t lit up with people, it doesn’t seem. I’m still there.

Oh, and? First time looked at Spoutible in a while. Looks like followers/following ARE showing. So, either I’m mis-remembering that that was hideable, or things have changed (couldn’t find how to hide it in the settings. but, man, I do like the design over there).

And, with Bluesky, the only drawback for me so far is that the font-size is dynamic, which is usually great. I run my phone at 235%—which maybe makes no sense to those under 50. Works great for most apps. Fisher-Price size font is the way to go for these eyes. But? On Bluesky, man, that font-size BALLOONS, such that, to proof a skeet I’m about to post, I have to change my font-size in order to read it all. Small annoyance, and probably to be fixed at some point. Or, not; it’s not that big a deal, really.

Author: SGJ