Someday You’ll Accompany Me

I’ve only ever had two kind of holy grail acts: Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger. But back when they were touring harder, I was . . . well, I didn’t end up in their amphitheaters, anyway. I mean, I didn’t even see Metallica or Motley Crue until the 2000s. So, I  figured I’d missed out. I should have had more money back when. I should have had more resolve. I should have insisted. I should have made the drive, should have done whatever I needed to do to get those tickets, sit in that general seating.

But, turns out it’s not too late. Caught Springsteen last year in Denver, on The River re-do tour, and now I’m at the Pepsi Center again come October, for Bob Seger.

Could not be more excited. I didn’t discover Springsteen until the late 90s (so, even if I’d had the chance for a concert of his in the eighties, I doubt I’d have picked that over cruising the drag)—changed my life for the better—but Seger, I still remember thumbing in Live Bullet in a 74 rusted out Chevy Nova when I was twelve years old. My life didn’t just change, the world was changing around me, from that sound. And I’ve never let that sound go. I’ve taken Bob Seger’s music with me everywhere, always.

Hearing him go through “Against the Wind” is going to be something I never forget. I mean, I hope he does. But, whatever his set list is in that night, I’m not going to be breathing. I’m going to be saving every moment. Because it’s got to last me, now.

Author: SGJ