new-websiteIt’s what the new theme’s called. It’s made for showcasing cars—photographs, at least—has a cool built-in slider I can use if I set a featured image with each post. but, the drawback is that it then plants that featured image large-size at the top of every post. So, I fiddled with this, fiddled with that, re-learned CSS and had the usual fun parsing PHP, and this is what we got for now. what’s cool is that—I don’t think I have a screenshot (I didn’t know what one was in 2005)—these are the same colors of my first-ever website, that some Velvet droogs (Nick and Dan and, I think, Drew) built for me ten years ago.

anyway, the new theme required going into each individual book page and tweaking it some. really, I should just standardize them—come up with a template, then plug variables in. maybe someday. for now they’re just generally similar, but still kind of hodgepodge. rebuilt the anthos page too, so it wouldn’t be scrolling forever down.

as for the why of the change: I updated that monochrome theme I was using, seeing if it was mobile-compatible yet, and, not only was it not, but it wasn’t . . . I don’t know, HTML5-compliant, friendly with this version of Safari—something: the page was all fried. so I had to jump ship, find something else. which leaves us here, with a finally mobile-friendly kind of site. hopefully the designers keep it updated, or I’ll be jumping to a new theme in a year or two.

so, as usual, if you find something fried, let me know? hopefully no nav-stuff is messing up, but those links in the sidebar over to the right are always coming and going, it seems. keeping up with them’s a lot like:



Author: SGJ