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Bram Stoker Award Finalist!

Such an honor for Don’t Fear the Reaper to have lucked its way onto this so-packed, amazing ballot. Just to be in the presence of great writers and books is the real win, yes? I’ve read all these, and they should each win:
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Dig the graphic

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The Year of this Locus

I don’t know. It was going to be a clever subject line. Until I wrote it. But? Proud and honored to have a book on their list:
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$1.99 Reapers!

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80 Days and Counting . . .

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All the Pretty Reaper Lists

For the end of another good year. Thanks, all. None of this without all of you.

And, apologies in advance: there’s two or three duplicates in here, I think. Having such a hard time ferreting them out, though . . .

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