This has been kind of a default question I keep getting asked lately, which makes perfect sense: it’s the question on ALL our minds. And, my default answer’s pretty much that I don’t know. But I can guess. Except—quick qualifier—my guesses have nothing to do with economic recovery or collapse, second waves, foreign travel, whether there’ll be empty office complexes, whether basketball teams will play only for the cameras, whether concerts will …

Old article-thing here. It originally ran on The Cult back in . . . sometime between 2005 and 2008? But The Cult went away sometime the last year or two, so I had to dig this up from a cache, copy and paste it here to sort of save it:


The biggest lie I tell myself about revising is that I do it as I go. You’ve heard this, right? I don’t think I’m coming up with anything new here, anyway. And, it’s a seductive thing to believe-to want to believe, at least. And th…

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