Thought maybe six or seven weirdos like me would get a chuckle from this. Turns out, there’s a whole lot of weirdos out there—I’m less alone than I thought:

And, didn’t think to cite the article, but John Vaillant searched it up — I really should have linked it, as this isn’t my joke, but Mark Zastrow’s (I’ll try to be more conscientious, next viral situation):


And, WOW: Gershon Klapper found the Gide bit:

More than that, he even got it to Herzog!

Also — not related to Herzog or Gide — my old favorite tweet about an owl and a deer went away. Maybe they age out? Or, maybe old image directories get written over? No clue. Anyway, before Herzog, above, it was my biggest heart-getter. I miss it. It USED to say:

Never know if you don’t try:

but it would feel weird and needy to try to repost it, asking for those thousands of hearts back . . .

Oh, and in case that Herzog tweet/image ALSO ages out, it’s here.

Author: SGJ