Best Stuff I Found in 2020

Gonna do this fast, here, as, when I take time and mull, this annual post just gets longer and longer—me, trying to include everything. So, before I can think too much, dig back too much, and probably including stuff I should have caught in 2019, or 2002:

Novel(s) of the Year

Comic Book of the Year

and, kind of late to the party on:

Best Story Collection of the Year

Horror Movie(s) of the Year

Non-Horror Movie of the Year

[I’m cheating here a bit — sneaking this one in even though

Holiday Horror!

And, I should say: before we started recording, my question was, “So . . . is this ABOUT horror set on the holidays, or is this called what it is because we’re recording here IN the holidays?” Worked out great, though: wonderful people, excellent moderating, good signals/connections all around — this is all you need to make a panel work.