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h. naledi: just saying

I mean, yeah, this is a tough one to crack:

But, I mean, I did kind of offer what I consider a pretty rational solution:

Rising Star


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Digging up Bones

Which is a good Randy Travis song. But, I’m actually talking about real physical crumbly cool bones, here not metaphorical sad nostalgic bones:

Amateur Archaeology: From Bone Yards to Writing Desks

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Persistence Hunting

Not talking about the Jeremy Robert Johnson story, although it’s one of my favorites of his, but the kind of endurance running we hominids used to use (used to use more) to run down prey. I mean, of course we did that—it’s what my “Chapter Six” story argues. Also, I’ve read accounts that, in the Great Plains, long before Kevin Costner got there, it was kind of a Sunday sport for white guys (I specify because in the accounts I know, it’s only e…

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All the Pretty Hominids

Back when The Fast Red Road wasn’t called that—this is late 1997, early 1998—the way I intended to write it was as a series of long answering machine messages left in this one guy’s trailer while he’s off gallivanting around with a carnival or something (he’s got pet jackals—this is the kind cool stuff you think of, first novel out, that you then don’t get to use until, say, you write a novel about a bunnyheaded zombie coyote/smuggler/father). …

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