My 2022

Was going to say this was the fastest of all the years, but, really, man, the last two or three have been like stepping on a slip-n-slide, then just trying to keep my balance somewhat, splashing into other countries (Dubai, France, Spain. was in a Iceland for a bit, I guess. missed Germany, but Italy’s soon), juggling a new comic book (Earthdivers, which just keeps on selling all its copies out) and my first audio-only novel (The Babysitter Lives, with the amazing Isabell…

Couple-three cool things

One with a lot of covers, one with all the spines, and one with no spines but all the heart:

Recent stuff

With one (probably more? I’m not the most organized) missing: Predator: Eyes of the Demon. Oh, also missing: Marvel Voices: Heritage. And I guess Howl: an Indigenous Anthology of Wolves, Werewolves, and Rougarou (I forgot, put it on the shelf. but . . . I think I may have already put a snap of it up somewhere in here?).

Missives from a dying (bird)land . . .

The Clown Brigade

What do spin classes and romance have in common? Could it be . . . clowns?

Meet Kyle. He’s headed to another city for to meet a girl, except he seems to be haunted by people in face paint, wearing red wigs.

How can love find a fingerhold when you’re being menaced by clowns? This is in ebook, in your browser, and also audio — pick your poison. Find it here:


SGJ interview on the story | interview

Cool kids’ shirt?

in action:

Library Journal

Was in California at a resort when I got notice that I was doing this photo shoot, and all I had were a mess of horror t-shirts, one random Johnny Cash jacket, and the hat that’s so junked up that I only wear it to the pool anymore. But? All worked out. Interview’s here:’t-Fear-the-Reaper