Levar Burton Reads

And, what he reads this time around is one my stories. Such an honor. He’s a hero:

And, for a sample first:

2022’s soundtrack

I mean, for me. Started dialing up music videos last night about 1:30 in the morning, I guess. Then, just now, had the bright idea to pull my watch-history up, add them all, in the same order, to a playlist. Which I think I’ll now use to write a novel; I like this progression, these songs.

Anyway, here’s me about halfway through those music videos:

Pieces & Bits

Haven’t had time to take a peek at this, but . . . it’s a learning exercise the NYT did, I think? Based on or around that opinion piece I did? Maybe? Somebody tell me?


Thanks Sadie

And . . . did I already link/embed this?

Thanks also to Sheena. A really cool walkthrough of some of my books and stories:

Wait for Night

Where this story happens is a place along the creek I pedal past about every day. For a long while last summer there was a crew doing stuff there, so they kind of became part of . . . I don’t know: they became possible, if that makes sense. I started wondering what they might be digging up. And who they were. And then I remembered a big field of blown-down trees I got lost in on the reservation one November, and how all these upturned root pans were enough for me, they were all I neede…