The Backbone of the World

An American Indian woman’s past and future collide in unthinkable ways in this richly imagined short story of deep secrets and Lovecraftian horrors by a New York Times bestselling author.

Millie Two Bears lives alone in a trailer in the heart of the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. Since her husband went to jail, she’s been on the outs with the reservation. And it’s not just people she has to contend with. Now the prairie dogs are moving in on her patch of land. When a str…

Levar Burton Reads

And, what he reads this time around is one my stories. Such an honor. He’s a hero:

And, for a sample first:

2022’s soundtrack

I mean, for me. Started dialing up music videos last night about 1:30 in the morning, I guess. Then, just now, had the bright idea to pull my watch-history up, add them all, in the same order, to a playlist. Which I think I’ll now use to write a novel; I like this progression, these songs.

Anyway, here’s me about halfway through those music videos:

Pieces & Bits

Haven’t had time to take a peek at this, but . . . it’s a learning exercise the NYT did, I think? Based on or around that opinion piece I did? Maybe? Somebody tell me?

Thanks Sadie

And . . . did I already link/embed this?

Thanks also to Sheena. A really cool walkthrough of some of my books and stories: