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Who made the first stone tools? Discovery sheds light on mystery | CNN

2023 American Indian Festival of Words Writers Award!

Just back. Another whirlwind thirty-six hour turnaround, but, man, got to talk with so many cool and excellent people, got to be part of the coolest awards ceremony—singing, drumming, storytellers, veterans. It was this:

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My 2022

Was going to say this was the fastest of all the years, but, really, man, the last two or three have been like stepping on a slip-n-slide, then just trying to keep my balance somewhat, splashing into other countries (Dubai, France, Spain. was in a Iceland for a bit, I guess. missed Germany, but Italy’s soon), juggling a new comic book (Earthdivers, which just keeps on selling all its copies out) and my first audio-only novel (The Babysitter Lives, with the amazing Isabell…