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These Are the Days of Our Lives

well, mine, anyway: all my books as of April 6th, 2024:

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Lord of the Mount

Awakening covered in blood, the sole survivor of a doomed raiding party, Conan sets out for the taverns, women, and ale of Trinnecerl. To reach the village, however, he must pass ruins scattered with the shattered helmets, broken blades, and bones of untold victims—as well as the hideous the creature that left them, the Lord of the Mount.

From Titan, on Amazon

Sort of related: Stygian Dogs reading a Conan the Barbarian piece I wrote for Texas Monthly:

Original piece: https://
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Wow, honored:

Night of the Mannequins, across the water:
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Madness and Writers
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SGJ Merch

A most excellent print:

Jade Daniels is My Final Girl:

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Best Reads from Lately

Who made the first stone tools? Discovery sheds light on mystery | CNN

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Greg’s cool display

Much cooler than anything I got:
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2023 American Indian Festival of Words Writers Award!

Just back. Another whirlwind thirty-six hour turnaround, but, man, got to talk with so many cool and excellent people, got to be part of the coolest awards ceremony—singing, drumming, storytellers, veterans. It was this:

read about the award: /
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