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Getting close

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Demons of King Solomon

Cool book to be in, and kind words from Becky Spratford, over at Booklist:


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Werewolves out in the World, Part XI

The trick with this, the eleventh installment of these, it’s figuring how to list the first ten in a way I haven’t done before. Last time I used Def Leppard. Can’t remember what happened before that. Let’s see, let’s see—I know. How about:

  • werewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon
  • werewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-iconwerewolf-icon

Also? I could have written a novella in the time it took me to stack all that up. Worth it, though. I dig how it looks.

I dig how this looks, too:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.32.50 AM


And, I heard Tod’s graduation speech. It was solid. Ra

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Mongrels Promotional Fallout

Was supposed to be just, you know, fun. But then the news services got hold of it:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.58.53 PM
from :

I don’t even know if it finally sold any Mongrels, really.

And here’s a grab from the Daily Mail—much the same, just, without the Newcastle Beerwolf: 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 5.02.32 PM


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Mongrels UK

Happening just after it does on this side of the water. Also: these are the first final copies I’ve seen. Very exciting.…

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Elvis Room on screen

In post-production right now. I got to swing out to Hollywood for a bit of the shooting, too. So cool to watch it all coming together.


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