Could there by anything cooler than being in Fango again? Answer: yes. Being in the WEREWOLF issue of Fangoria! And getting to talk about slashers! Cool My Heart is a Chainsaw review in there, too!

Memorial Ride

Memorial Ride is a high-speed, ragtag chase across the American Southwest. Cooper Town, an American Indian soldier, has returned from the Middle East to attend his father’s funeral, make some quick cash off his father’s old Harley, and spend a whirlwind weekend with his girlfriend, Sheri Mun. However, when Coop runs afoul of the violent John Wayne gang, he and Sheri Mun have no choice but to twist the throttle back on that storied chopper and make tracks. In the spirit of Bill

Border Crossings

As KT Oslin said once and forever, “Me I cross the border / every chance I get”: