Best of the year so far: for November

(and, odd-looking “gallery” below, yeah. not how I usually do it, but WordPress isn’t playing nice with this theme, I think, so I’m having to manually ‘build’ this with columns, which isn’t really an ideal workaround, but . . . only one I know)


Best of 2022 so far: for July

Think I’ve been back in Colorado about . … twelve hours, this month? So, light pickings here. Read a few books, but none of them are out yet, or even have covers. Mostly been A) writing a novel in between things, and B) writing and editing and hacking on comic scripts. I did rewatch the Baywatch remake on a plane, for happiness, but it’s probably already in this list, in some way previous year. Still? I feel like I’ve forgotten to crib a thing or two down. But, they’re in my head and my he…