Couple of Chainsaw interviews

One on video, the other in text:

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(and, that link for the Kobo interview just above, here . . . I don’t completely trust it, but it’s the best I can come up with. I think once the interview’s aged a week or two, then the actual/proper link will be available for me to copy into here. however? will I remember, will I remember . . . )

Goodreads Nominee!

My Heart is a Chainsaw, swimming upstream. Which I guess is mixing metaphors. “Hitting it out of the park,” then? No, no. Um. “Firing on all cylinders?” “Making waves?” “Bringing home the bacon?” I would say “Leveling the competition,” as a way to, you know, be pretend-clearcutting a stand of timber, except . . . man, keeping a metaphor in check isn’t worth having to think about knowing down a bunch of …


Could there by anything cooler than being in Fango again? Answer: yes. Being in the WEREWOLF issue of Fangoria! And getting to talk about slashers! Cool My Heart is a Chainsaw review in there, too!