Cleaned up the story links

Needed to find a story for somebody, made a wrong click, stumbled into a dead link, and found that, over the last three or four months, man, a lot of those story links have quit going anywhere good. Apologies for that. I miss “Bestiary” being out there, readable. And, goodbye to “Hemingway Hills in the Afternoon,” a story I wrote in the late nineties, I think, about a new puppy we’d just got, and would have for thirteen years. “The Ones who Got Away” is no more either, but it’s findable in a collection of mine. Story I miss having out there the most, probably, is “State.” That’s about my best friend. And a couple of slashery Blumhouse sort-of-stories/things I’d done went away . . . with that whole site, I guess? And that vampire story “Shadow Animals” looks to be gone as well, along with a few others I already can’t remember. So it goes. I think the oldest story there now is “The Wallace Maneuver.” It’s at least fifteen years old, maybe two or three years greyer.

But, all the stuff, the Nightmare stuff, The Dark stuff is still there. Juked too. Those places are stable and reliable, and the links always work. Kind of nice. And, old stuff like this is still hiding under some of those links:

And, really, that, above, may be a touch older than “The Wallace Maneuver.” Just, it got published years later.

Anyway, when I get an extra hour or two (past all these deadlines swarming around me), I’ll burn through the Not-Stories stuff as well. Interviews too. No use having dead links around. Doors to nowhere are fun in horror, but they suck for clicking around . . .

All right, burned through the not-story links, lost:

  • “A Long Time Ago: “Stephen Graham Jones on Capturing Star Wars.” I think this was originally at “Unboundworlds” or something, but now that site resolves to Penguin Random House (?). Anyway, was able to dig up a cache of piece, anyway. It’s the Yoda-as-Indian-Grandmother one, kind of capture-printed here (though it looked so much cooler in the original formatting—it was kind of in a little spaceship window or something):

And, the reliable links here were both Dennis Widmyer’s: the old Cult, and LitReactor. Those are stable. Few of the others I had to dig up, since their directory structure or some such had shifted, trying to shuffle my stuff to “forever lost.”

Author: SGJ