Comic book cameo for Mongrels

Check it out:

So cool. I mean, I know: my critical faculties are supposed to be rendered helpless from the surprise of seeing the yellow book drawn like this, but? That’s not why I like this comic book. Why I like this comic book is that it’s good comic-booking. Pablo D’Stair knows the medium, knows the mode, and, even better—even rarer—the dude can draw. I knew he could write, and I suspect he can do about eighty other things as well (if our minds are hamsters on wheels, then Pablo has more hamsters than any of us), but the cartooning in here is extraordinary, it’s inked to show off the linework, the balloons and lettering are all perfect, and, more important, the grammar and syntax of the comic book page are all in place, working behind the scenes/panels to make this a seamless, clean reading experience.

Here’s some of it:

But, yeah, it is cool to see Mongrels in these pages, these panels, definitely. An honor. Or, especially an honor, taking into account the high calibre of the pages. Thank you, Pablo D’Stair (also, thanks for the Bowie-help on The Gospel of Z).

Author: SGJ