Coming Soon . . .

Feel like I’m always talking about what I’ve seen and read, but never about what I WANT to see and read. So, this is that, though I’ve been so lost in World Fantasy reading and a not-announced (I don’t think) reading thing that most of what I want to read is already out (except John Langan’s Sefira, but I’ve already got a copy of that). Well, okay, King’s got a new one here shortly, doesn’t he? I’ll be all over that, of course. And I’m already halfway through the new CJ Box that came out Tuesday. And I was lucky enough to already read Benjamin Percy’s soon-here collection Suicide Woods (bee bear story since Bisson’s “Bears Discover Fire,” I think). And I’m about to start in on a novel (friend’s) that’s not out or probably a year or so. So, reading’s tied up, going wonderfully, always is, how can it not (and I didn’t even go into comic books…).

Movies, though. All horror, lot of slashers. Here’s what I’m excited for:

hopefully at an Alamo Draft House near me very soon
high hopes that I sneak into a press screening
I hear this should be on Shudder before too awful long . . .
this could be the most perfect thing ever
Author: SGJ