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Jeff Stolarcyk over at Conditional Axe has some bad news: Trick R’ Treat, much like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, has been bumped to some indefinite time later. Very sad. Now Saw 4‘ll have to do. But I trust it will, too. A very tight series so far, I think. And, just back from Resident Evil: Extinction,* and same for it: excellent; high marks for the whole . . . I guess trilogy so far, though ‘series’ might work too. I suspect ‘trilogy,’ though, just because the way RE3 ends, it’s that old slasher way of escalating to some ridiculous height all at once, story-wise, and thus making the audience just really sure that this time there’s no way the story can go on. But then of course by next season we’re ready for just any contrivance at all to please please please give us that next installment. You say an electrified bat dropped out of the sky, bit the slashed slasher on the eyeball and injected him with mutant zombie rabies just right after the credits, when we were all walking out of the theatre? Cool. Excellent. Now roll it.

conditional axe
Too, there’s a pretty tight Rob Zombie Halloween review over there at Conditional Axe (my review: works as horror, fails as a slasher, even in these decadent/wonderful times when the slasher can no longer function by the old definitions and conventions), if you know how to click.

And, while you’re clicking, if you’ve even made it this far in this post, a Demon Theory write-up/review as well.

* speaking of, no, I’ve never even seen that video game on the screen. really, until somebody figures out a feature-length storyline to go with Galaga,1 say, then I’m not going to be pre-cued into any of these video game translations. I mean, all the SILENT HILL buffs talk about how well it captures the atmosphere of the game. Good. Great. WIsh that meant something to me (though, what it does mean has a lot to do with how it sounds: like an excuse).

1however, okay already: that THE LONG TRIAL OF NOLAN DUGATTI 3-day novel I did nearly a month ago now, it’s predicated in large part on my Proust-ish memories of Centipede, and all the many, many possibilities there . . .

Author: SGJ