Couple three links

New interview up, from Lance Olsen and Trevor Dodge’s Architectures of Possibility: After Innovative Fiction. Here.

New story up at Juked, my first one to feature Mr. Rod Serling: “Submitted for Your Approval.”

Piece of flash horror up at This Is Horror, “Evolution, 2:00am,” and it’s got the coolest illustration ever. But you got to click to see it.

Too, anybody remember that story (also from Juked) “Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth“? Some news there I should be able to say soon. And, speaking of current/now news, “Rocket Man” from Stymie — this is my zombie-baseball story — has been selected by Paula Guran for Prime’s The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror.

And, after many long years of wishing, I’m finally in the Weird Tales family. I’ll now see HPL and Howard and all them cool (unsocial) cats at the big fireplace in the smoking room of the secret house in the next dimension. My story there’s right after the excellent Laird Barron interview. A zombie piece, of course, but a pretty different one. The middle part of it some of you may have heard me read from some podium at one time or another, “The Age of Hasty Retreats.” The full piece is “Notes from the Apocalypse,” and it’s got some way-excellent illustrations as well. Here’s the excellent (clickable) cover:

Author: SGJ