Cult Wkshop / DMON Update / Bleed rvw

click over on the image for the full scoop on the workshop I’m running over at the Cult May 21st – June 21st. thanks to Minuet over at the Cult for it too (the image), which I probably don’t even have permission to be posting here.

too, I tried to corral some of my less-confused thoughts on genre and writing into a little piece, here.

and, I know today’s supposed to be the “T-minus 7 days and counting” trick for DEMON THEORY, according to Amazon. My guess is Barnes & Noble might be a bit closer this time, though: April 28th. Got my fingers all crossed for that anyway.

As for why the delays, I of course suspect the bad kind of ninjas. The kind that break into the printer’s place and break things in just really quiet little ways, that you don’t catch until you’re halfway into doing something that it takes like four days to back out of again. anyway, you’ve seen the sample, somewhere below–those kind of footnotes, I’d guess, just maybe aren’t the prime happiness-maker in the land of typesetting.

Oh, too, a new BLEED INTO ME review just showed up; somebody shot me a photocopy of it (I think it kind of dates a person to use terms like ‘photocopy.’ it is, however, quite an improvement on ‘xerox,’ and just light years ahead of ‘mimeograph’). it’s kind of grainy to scan in here, however–not to mention probably illegal in some way. it’s very comprehensive, though, and mostly positive. for those interested, and with the right library privileges, it’s in Southwest American Literature 31.1, Fall 2005. way too long for me to be transcribing in here, anyway.

and, of course, as DEMON THEORY becomes a realer and realer thing, I’ll keep things updated in here.

Author: SGJ