Demon Theory in the Cage catalog

cage cataloghey, just realized that maybe all of you (or, one of you, or, hi mom, I don’t know) didn’t have the cool MacAdam/Cage catalog like I do. so I stuffed the Demon Theory pages in the scanner, which was a lot more complicated than I’d anticipated, the catalog being oversized, but, after I got everything straightened out, wound up with some 12MB img, which is ridiculous to try to make clickable. so I sucked it into a PDF, which you should get if you click the image here.

another click would be THIS ONE (the sample referred to in the copy).

and, yeah, in your Acrobat reader (or whatever you use for PDFs) you may have to jack up the zoom to read this. better than waiting for a 12MB image, though, maybe…

and, yeah, last time I hit Amazon, Sara Armstrong was still writing Demon Theory, instead of me. which, I mean, she’s good–maybe she’d do a better job, even. She’s in that sample, anyway.

Author: SGJ