Denver Comic Con 2017

I remember, roundabout . . . 2009, 2010? sitting in the back room of a comic book shop with a lot of the people who would go on to make DCC, and we were talking about what if we did something, some event, do we think anybody would come? Turns out, 115K people will, yep. So glad DCC’s making it and making it well. Also? This doesn’t mean DINK Con doesn’t rock as well. They’re both excellent. And StarFest and MileHiCon too.

Anyway, I only really logged in here to post some few snaps I scavenged—and, there’s one missing: the back cover of the main events/program booklet thing that was everywhere, that had My Hero right there on the very backmost back of it. So cool. Thanks, Hex.

I’ll post that in when I find mine, remember to take that pic.

Also? Next time around, I might actually tell my publicity people and my other publishers that I’m going to be at this con. Makes sense, yes? As-was, Tattered Cover didn’t know I was going to be there, so had to scramble up some Mongrels (they were also for sale at the Native Realities booth, I hear, but were snapped up quick-like). But, alas, no Mapping the Interiors in circulation. Plenty of My Heros, though. Signed them in silver sharpie.

Anyway, as I was only on two panels this time—”Going Dark” and “The Anti-Hero” (which I interloped on)—I had time to go to so many panels. Which I never get to do. Completely loved it. And running into cool people, scoping all the great march . . . cons are where I belong, I thing. I’m most happiest there, among my own.

So, some few snaps, and then I’m off to the reservation for a week.

Possibly the coolest, most happening booth on the floor.

And, here’s some of the cool students I’ve worked with across the years:

And, the excellent Patty Garcia, of Tor marketing:

I don’t know much, but I do know that cool people wear Bat-shirts.

Too, riding the bus back and forth from Boulder three times as I did, that was two hours of headphoning it up per day, meaning: I listened to all of Ubik. So forever still and always in love with that novel. Kind of wonder if I’ve been halfway trying to write it this whole time, even.


Author: SGJ