Very cool con (#DINKDenver). Some few snaps.

Walking in:

Opening the first fold-out of the program:

Getting to the Hex table:

The Narrators panel/event I did:

And, maybe obviously, only one of these snaps is from me, other three are nabbed off social media (first is Bret Smith, second’s probably either Josh Viola or Dean Wyant, third’s Aaron Anansi Spriggs). Me? I never can remember to take a picture. Always too busy narrating it all in my head.

All this visibility, though: Hex does a con up right. And we (Josh, Dean, me) passed out a box or two of free My Hero earlies/samplers. Full version coming in a couple months: hardback, color, got the afterword-cum-letters column.

As for for DINK: yes. Three floors of nothing but comics and art and coolness. Food trucks. Good people. Ran into Stan Yan and Scorpio Steele and Wayne Winsett of TimeWarp. Signed some My Heros. Hit some cool panels. One I remember best is the “Nevertheless, She Persisted — Feminism in Indie Art,” with Kristina Bad Hand modding.

Did I hang out with the Hernandez Brothers, and trade them some shrimp tacos if they’d retcon me into some Love & Rockets? Well, maybe not. I did see the table where they’d been, though, and that’s pretty close all that, at least the way I estimate it . . .

Author: SGJ