Fleur Fine Books

So cool to be there again. Last time I was there I wasn’t just signing a cart of Mongrels, I was wearing a Mongrels shirt:

Looks like I also had more hair on the sides of my head then too. Okay, and darker hair. The last couple years, man, the aliens come every night while I’m sleeping, drain the life force from my body. It’s leaving me greyer and greyer.

And, I hear this live-streamed, and there’s a video of it all archived—of Bob Pastorella interviewing me—but I’m not on facebook, so don’t have a handy-dandy link, just this snapshot of me reading a story so new it still only existed on my laptop:

( fresh from my triple-meat Whataburger )

And, took a lot more pics than this, but I only see the ones I’m tagged in on Twitter:

How I know the video’s real (via not-me):

maybe this is the link? https://www.facebook.com/events/605503403234032

Anyway, thanks, Dale LaFleur and Fleur Fine Books. Always great being here. And, if any of you need a signed Mongrels hardcover ($12.99!) shipped to you, they’re the bookstore to be hitting up for that:


And, I’m sure I’ll be back through Texas for The Only Good Indians in the spring. And ordering this again and again (I sneaked a second one in on the way to the airport):

Author: SGJ