g+Finally got on, today. This is me: Digging it so much more than Facebook, too. Once you wrap your head around ‘circles,’ it seems so intuitive, and you wonder why all social media hasn’t been this way. Granted, I suspect you can use Twitter’s lists like this, but nobody was. Also, it’s smart on Google’s part to not ‘brand’ a color. I mean, MySpace was blue, Facebook is kind of the same blue, and we associate those with ‘old.’ Google+ is mostly white, though. Only suck-part so far’s that you can’t snap pics with your computer camera from the status-update place. And, that “+1” trick going on: I’m guessing every site’s going to have one of those, soon. Which is cool. Google’s algorhythms have always been ranking pages anyway. Now there’ll be above-the-board user input. And, with Google+, I don’t see a way to do directories of pics, or ‘albums,’ but maybe I just haven’t seen that yet. Also, maybe the ‘circles’ will make these not so funny anymore: this; that. Too, though, I hear you can’t change the name you initially stake out. Or, not without using a different gmail.

Author: SGJ