Growing Up Dead in Texas playlist

I tried so hard to make a YouTube playlist for Growing Up Dead in Texas. Songs that are in the book and songs that kind of encompass the book. But it wasn’t meant to be; the songs I needed can’t be included in playlists.

So, in lieu, I’ll put them all here, in the order that feels right — or, how they happen (for me) in the book. And this first one, it breaks my heart every time, but it always puts it all back together, too:

( there’s an ad on this one, sorry. but the video’s cool )

(the truck I’ve got now’s the same year as the one in this very excellent video — it feels like home)

( I can’t even sing along with this one)




Lydia Netzer (she of SHINE, SHINE, SHINE) just added this beautiful wonderful perfect song:

John Crawford (brother-in-law, actor) suggested this one:

Author: SGJ